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Old Serials of Sony Entertainment Television (1995-1999)

Old TV Serials - India

There were some magnificent serials started on Sony Entertainment Television between 1995 and 1999. At that time Sony was the second most popular channel after Zee tv. Sony sta
rted all type of serials like family drama, comedy, cartoons, game shows and some dubbed serials what I think the finest concept at that time. My favorite was "I dream of Jeannie". My childhood was deeply connected with these serials. I am trying to make list of these serials.

Dil Vil Pyar Vyar
Dil Vil Pyar Vyar was the comedy serial of sony. I did not remember the whole cast but Eva Grover (Boy Suraj Chaudhry's mother in movie Ready-2011) was one of the character. Swapnil Joshi and Ali Asgar was there too in the serial. The story is something like this.
two institutions placed near. In one, girls learned
dance and in other, Boys were Engineers. Boys have a crush on girls and girls do not like boys.One of the boy, Sanjay, becomes a girl(Sanjana) with the help of make up but his own friends fall in love with him. Boys start neglecting girls and girls get jealous.Sanjay loves Eva Grover(I do not remember the serial name) but Eva hates him.Now Sanjay joins dance classes as a Sanjana because he wants to be close to Eva. Sanjana starts praising Sanjay in front of Eva and Eva gets impressed (Just like movie Style).

O Maria
O Maria was story of a girl Perlie who wanted to fulfill her dreams. She lived in a hostel and She wanted to be a successful singer but bitterness of life made her too harsh. Papiya sengupta played the protagonist Perlie and her love interest was Humayun Peerzada. Another character was Preeti/Ananya khare(Daughter of Golcha in Ye shaadi nahi ho sakti). Jaya Bhattacharya(Google it for her image) was also in this serial. I did not use to watch this serial but I saw it's short footage.There was 10 minutes gap between serial "the three stooges" ending
and Dennis the Menace starting(time between 05:20pm and 05:30pm). In this time Sony used to show short footage of it's serials like O maria, jaane kahan mera jigar gaya ji etc. I remembered this short footage of O maria in which three-four girls are lying on their bed in a hostel-room and singing old song in their own way. I think the song was Ek main aur Ek Tu.

Family No. 1
Family No. 1 is a fultoo enjoyable comedy serial. It is a story of six kids. Three are from one family and the other three are from another, although they stay in the same house. Their house was partitioned as Beach House-A & Beach House B.The first family Malhotra Family has three kids Rahul, Rashmi, and Guddu who live with their father Mr. Deepak Malhotra (Kanwaljeet Singh). The other family was Potia family has three kids too i.e. Bharti, Tufan and Dev who live with their mother Shalini Potia (Tanvi Azmi).
                                  Rahul(Kabir Sadanand) is a fan of Mogambo and literally worships him with scent-sticks & garland. Rashmi (Aparna, Emran Hashmi's love interest in movie Footpath)) is a full mirror addict person and can not live without beauty parlor and cosmetics. Guddu (Vishal) is a school going boy. He is very clever and smart.The problem arises with the fact that the two families cannot stand each other. Their Rivals Potias-Dev, the oldest is very innocent, gullible, and is practices Karate diligently. Bharti, younger to Dev is very smart and a good cook. Tufan is very fat and he loves eating. He goes to the same school as Guddu does. Guddu's principle is a Sardar and very troubled man because of Guddu and Tufan's fight. 
                                 I remember one episode in which both family hire a common servant but he takes advantage of both families because of their rivalry. He does not do any work and creates trouble for both families but all kids bear this. One day he misbehaves with Bharti, then Mr. Deepak lost his temper and slaps him really hard and both families were shocked.
                                In another episode, Mr. Deepak Malhotra tries to give bath to Guddu but Guddu does not want to take bath. Mr. Deepak takes Guddu inside bathroom forcibly and closes the bathroom-door. After some noise, Guddu comes out dry and Mr. Malhotra is completely wet.

Alpviram is a story of a young girl(Pallavi joshi) who is completely unaware, how destiny can be hard for her. On her twenty first birthday,she falls into coma. She never had any health problem or any sign that she can get this terrible situation. Her fiancĂ©(Aamir Bashir, inspector in movie A Wednesday) takes very good care of her but her health does not improve. The girl lives with her old grandparents(Sulbha Despande & Anjan Srivastav) who are now financially in trouble because they live on pension and their grand-daughter’s medical treatment is very expensive. Her fiance's parents pressurize him for marriage. They find another girl(Smita Bansal) for him.The mental condition of the family is already terrible but it gets far worse when the girl is found pregnant. In her state of coma,the girl has been raped. Everyone is now a suspect- the doctors, the hospital staff(ward-boys) and her fiancĂ©. The most senior person of hospital is Vikram Gokhle (middle aged man). He wants to hide the news because it is worst condition for hospital. The Notorious ward-boy is played by Mohan Gokhle and because of his activities, he is prime suspect. Even in some episodes, his fiance is also in doubt. He marries other girl (Smita Bansal) but at last it is found, she (Pallavi Joshi) was raped by Vikarm Gokhle.

We know Aahat as a horror serial but when it was started, it was more suspense thriller crime drama than horror. The starting episodes were mostly murder mystery with twist ending like A husband buries his wife in his drawing room and thinks the hands are coming outside from the tiles,but there was no ghost in that episode. in another episode, a husband suspects his wife giving him poison but at last he gives poison to his wife because he had an affair and he wants murder should look like self defense. Click here to watch old Aahat (season-1) stories.

It shows the trailers of latest films. This program was back to back with Music Mantra. I remember Jab pyar kisi se hota hai songs (madhosh dil ki dhadkan, pehli-2 baar JPKSHH, chal pyar karegi, o jaana na jaana)

Music Mantra
It shows the trailers of latest films. This program was back to back with Premiere.

It was the first trailer program of sony. I remember some of trailers which I saw in this program like Bandit queen song (Ankhiyanu chain na aawe), aafreen-aafreen (Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan).

Ye Shaadi Nahi Ho Sakti
It was biggest comedy serial of sony. A man Golcha (Sudhir Pandey, Bunty Baweja of movie Tees Maar Khan ) wants to be bankrupt because he does not want to pay tax.Whatever he does for losing money, always remains in profit. He makes a film with awkward story but it becomes block buster. His daughter (Preeti Khare) wants to marry a man but Golcha does not want this. That's why the title was "ye shaadi nahi ho sakti". There was a drunk man (Aditya Srivastava, Inspector Abhijeet of CID) and a man who always does mimicry of Dilip kumar in the serial. I think this is the same man whom Golcha's daughter wants to marry.
Title song was like this
"sardi ke mausam me aaye pasina, garmi ke mausam me sardi lage.
Duniya idhar ki udhar ho chahe,aam ke ped pe gobi lage
par ye shaadi nahi ho sakti."

Chamatkar was a story of man(Farookh sheikh) who had a Listening difficulty but he was not deaf. He had an amazing power, he could listen a conversation miles away. He had an assistant Makodi (Razak Khan) and they were very nice pair. Few episodes later he got different listening power. He can read any one's mind. He could listen clearly what people are thinking. These abilities made this serial so funny.

Were-wolf was English serial dubbed in Hindi. It used to be aired on Wednesday at 11:00 pm. The central character was Eric. He transformed into a werewolf who undergoes a quest to rid himself of his curse by killing the apparent originator of his 'bloodline,the Warewolf Skorzeny. A pentagram was on his hand and when blood comes out. It means he is going to be a were-wolf. That was different concept than full-moon.

Siddhi was a story of a Sage Vidyanand who was searching his missing body. He left his body and transfer his soul into another person's body but the person, who told Vidyanand to change his body, burns Vidyanand's body. Vidyanand kills people and shifts his soul into another body and this cycle goes on. His master was another Sage Bramhanand (Arun Bali) can be seen only by Vidyanand. The cast in the series was- Alok Nath, Seema Bhargava (Badki of serial Hum-Log) and many more.

Bhanwar based on landmark judgments from the Indian judicial system.They are all true stories. I have remembered some stories.
1) Siddharth bhagat (Aaamir bashir, Inspector of movie Wednesday) and his three friends robbed a bank-van ,four people were killed. They got life-term. Siddharth starts learning Law and becomes criminal lawyer.
2) A medical exam paper is not given on time to a girl. She requests for extra time because she did not get given hours but they deny so she could not get good medical college that's why her mental condition goes down. She filed a case against them and won.
3) A man gives a contract to kill his wife while he was opening a car door and killers kill her wife and throw her body into sewer. The man pretends, he was opening car's lock and could not hear his wife.

Missing was a serial about missing people. The host was Jackie Shroff. It used to be aired on Monday at 09:00 or 09:30 pm. I have remembered some episodes in which a boy is flying kite,he runs in streets to catch a cut-kite and never comes back.In another episode, an old man is not well behaved by his family, his daughter in law teases him and his son does not say anything so he leaves his house and never comes back .Although they were guilty for their behavior but it was too late.


Mahayagya was a story about political families, actually I did not see this serial so i do not know about story but i used to see its trailers thats why I know the star cast. There was Rohini Hattangadi (Sanjay Dutt's mother in Munna Bhai MBBS) in serial whose rival was Manohar Singh (Chief minister in movie Tiranga), I think his name was Bhanu-Pratap in the serial. I am not quite sure. There was dispute between these two families.The story was like this "Vimla Pandey winning the Parliament election. She defeats the politician, Thakur Bhanu Pratap Singh who is a MP. She wants to settle old business with Bhanu  Pratap singh. She wants to grab all the privileges earlier enjoyed by the Thakur and reduce him to nothing."

Taak-jhaank was fultoo comedy serial. It was featured on a society (Chaal like 'Tarak Mehta ka...'). There were many families and every family had its own story. I remember one of its character, Ghosh babu (Raja of serial "Raja and Rancho", young Rajeshwar Singh of movie Saudagar). He was Bengali in  the serial.

The Real Ghost Busters
It was a animation series. There were four ghost busters (Egon, Ray,Winston and Peter) secretary Janine, accountant Louis, and their mascot Slimer, as they chase and capture rogue spirits around New York and various other areas of the world. They captured ghost through gun with rays and put them into box. After that in their house, they left that ghost in a separate chamber which was built for ghosts.


CATS was a Indian version of charlie's angels  When crime is detected, charlie appoints them to solve the case. Their name in serial - Kareena(Nafeesa Joseph), Amrita and Tanya (Malini Sharma). When one of cat, Amrita left the serial. The new cat was appointed. Her name was Aishwarya (Kuljeet Randhawa) in serial. Nafeesa Joseph & Kuljeet Randhawa both have committed suicide in real life.


The series starred Phil Daniels in the title role as a former borstal inmate sent on a rehabilitation programme, assisting an archaeology professor in his excavation of a system of caves and who subsequently is compelled to fight a plan to build a nuclear plant on the site. The cave system is connected to the legend of King Arthur.

Sunday Ke Sunday
Sunday Ke Sunday was a popular comedy serial of Sony. It was the story of a family who enjoyed every moment of life. The cast was Jayant Kriplani (Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na-Aditi's Father), Sadiya Siddiqui (Sister of Shahrukh Khan in Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa, Priya of 'banegi apni baat'), Harpal Singh (Motu of Baazigar). Harpal singh(serial name Vicky-I think so) has a double role in serial and his girlfriend was also Harpal Singh (female version of Harpal singh). In one episode his family thinks Vicky has become girl to fool his parents. His parents create joke on her and his girlfriend gets angry. When Vicky clears their doubts and tries to convince his girlfriend.

Jeevan Mrityu
'Jeevan Mrityu' is a serial about a girl (Sanjana Kapoor, Shashi Kapoor's daughter) who has returned from foreign and searching for her mother (Pallavi joshi). Her mother is missing, most probably died. She has to find that her mother is dead or alive and if she is dead. Was it suicide or murder? Her family does not co-operate her and she suspects,may be they killed her. I am not able to remember complete story but I think the marriage was against her family  They filmed some episodes as horror serial. It was quite a suspense thriller serial. She finds clues one by one and at last uncovers the truth. I do not remember the all cast but may be Vikram Gokhle one of the family member.

Just Mohabbat
Just Mohabbat is a story of Jai. It was displayed in two parts. In first part- they showed childhood of Jai and in second part, Jai was young. childhood character of Jai was played by Harsh Lunia and young Jai was played by Vatsal Seth.
                    In starting episodes, Jai was in school. Complete story circles around Jai and his friends. Sanju is his closed friend and they study in same class. Sanju's parents' character was played by Manoj Pahwa (Ishwar) & Anita Kanwal (Sumitra). Jai was very notorious for unusual activities in school. In one episodes he uses rubber-band to tie his hair. In another episode, he dresses like girl. One day he watches Anand movie and tells everyone in school that he is suffering from cancer. Jai's parents kept fighting always and Jai and his sister was unable to co operate  with them. Desmond was their servant and he was very friendly.
           Young Jai was very dashing and handsome. He loves Saloni (Jennifer Kotwal), other school girl. Her father's character is played by Amar Talwar (Raj G J Singh of Serial Shanti). Jai sees her with a person on bike but he knows after some-days that  he is her brother (Anuj). Her brother starts liking his sister Priya. But Saloni has already a boyfriend , Kabir. That's why Jai could not tell her,his feelings. A new girl comes in his Life, Aditi (Chandana Sharma)when she hits Jai while driving her car. They meet and fall in love with each other. Now Saloni feels jealous and tries to manipulates Aditi's reputation. Jai finds this and discloses in front of every one. This is a shock for Saloni and she gets into depression. Aditi helps her to recover.

Battle of Bollywood
Battle of Bollywood had very funny episodes. They selected the dialogues from movies randomly and put them in strange order so it seems one person is talking to another. There were three screens and a host (Tanaz Karim). Every time three Bollywood personalities used to be selected and their dialogues were shown on the screen and it looked like they are fighting with each other. Just one person (host) and some movie dialogues made this serial hilarious.

10 Civil Lines
10 civil lines one of the oldest serial of Sony. I am not able to remember the story but I remember some scenes of serials. The story was same as movie Mr. India. There were some orphan children. They lived in a house 10 civil lines. a very rich man was there who loves a girl. The girl takes care of children and is in love with the rich man.

Rangeela Re
Rangeela Re was just like Serial "Rangoli". It showed the old color songs of 60's & 70's. I remember some songs which are played in this serial.
The three songs of movie Prem Pujari:"Shokhiyo me ghola jaaye phoolon ka shabaab", "phoolon ke rang se" & "rangeela re". The other songs "dil aaj shayar hai", "Choodi Nahi ye mera dil hai", "ruk jaana o jaana humse do baate", "Pal bhar ke liye koi", "ye dil na hota bechara", "do lafzon ki hai", "mohabbat bade kaam ki chiz hai", "Keh dun tumhe" etc. I think they had all the movies of which they played the songs. They showed three movies in a day. That time Max was not launched. The morning show was cine morning, afternoon show was cine matinee & 8 pm show was cine prime. We could see prime movies on Saturday & Sunday.

Khoya Khoya Chaand
Khoya khoya chand was another Serial like "Rangoli". It showed the old black & white songs of 50's. I remember some songs which are played in the serial
"Mohabbat kar lo jee bhar lo", "Tadbeer se bigdi hui", "khoya khoya chand", "tere ghar ke saamne", "chaudvi ka chaand" etc

Take five
Take five serial was hosted on Wednesday or Thursday at 8 pm. The host was Sam Punchmukhi. Host used to go on various places of India and show importance of that place. The main theme was based on fashion & food. I remember he went Delhi's Parathe wali gali and showed all types of Parathe. How they cook, how people eat. He went small streets of big & small cities and hosted some finest episodes. How girls bargain for good fashion clothes and sandals. He used to show every thing. I remember the serial's logo. The five fingers open and close, and it makes a punch & the serial's name was written on the punch.

Cook It Up With Tarla Dalal
It was a cookery show. The main cook was Tarla Dalal and she was assisted with model & singer Sudhanshu Pandey. Sudhanshu was very tall & dalal's height was not much but the pair was awesome. Dalal cooked very fast and made some delicious dishes. Sudhanshu tried  them and the response was praising and praising and praising.

The Good Home Show
"The Good home show" showed how to make your house beautiful. They gave a tips about curtains, bedsheets, wall-colors and every thing what makes house pretty. I remember the show in which they gave a tip about sofa's pillow cover and size & shape of pillow. They told about how to grow a wonderful Bonsai and how to place in gallery. They gave a tip about Gallery, bathroom, wash-basin, bedroom, Dining table. They forced on saving space. In one episode they showed to use mirrors in small house so it will look big.

Bindas Bol
Bindas Bol was a Group Discussion show. There were two groups who discussed on controversial topics. It used to air in the evening around 05:30 on Saturday.

Humse Badhkar Gong
Humse badhkar gong was a platform for common man to show his/her skills. There were three judges who gave points to contestant. Any judge can hit the gong if he/she doesn't like the performance. I remember one contestent who had a good memory.If you just tell him any date like 15 aug 1947, 20 aug 1920, 17 dec 1854 etc and he can tell you the day in a second but the judge hit the gong. The judge said, it is not the skill, it is a trick. In another episode, a man was a good mimic, he could perform any actor's mimicry but he lost in the semifinals because judge was bored with the same performance. Some magicians, dancers, classical singers every type of contestants were there.

The Poppadum Show
The poppadum show was hosted by Aparna (Family no. 1's Rashmi). It was a show of Indi-pop songs. They showed only pop songs like, Boom-boom of Nazia hasan remix by biddu, Dumtara of Suchitra Krishnamurthy, Pari hun main, kesariya hai roop mharo, Mehandi ki raat aayi, Hai Dhuan hai Dhuan of vikas Bhalla, Dooba dooba rehta hun, Oonchi-neechi hai dagariya of anaida, aur aahista kijiye baate of pankaj udhas etc. I can tell you more than 200 old indi-pop songs of shaan, sonu nigam, sunitha rao, shweta shetty, daler mehandi, Mika, Sukhbir etc.

Double Or Quit
Doule or Quit was a game show. I do not remember the host but he had pony tail. There is a chance to win double money what you have got. The name tells every thing about show.

Star Yaar Kalakaar
Star yaar kalakar was a famous show hosted by Farida Jalaal. Two famous personalities come in the show and two groups were made. Every celebrity chose two people from the crowd and they played against each other. The quiz was like Antakshari. I remember some celebrities Vinod Kambli & Sanjay Manjrekar (In first Episode), Jackie Shroff, sonu walia, and many popular tv show actors. Most of them worked in TV serials of Sony itself.

Hum sab ek hain
Hum sab Ek Hain one of the finest comedy serial of sony entertainment television. It was aired on every wednesday at 08:30 pm. This show gave the Mantra of  "Anekta mein Ekta". It was a story of a family in which three brothers, their wives, their sister & their parents were there. Their mother were from south india. Elder brother Mohan's(Rakesh Bedi) wife (Dolly Bindra) was punjabi. Middle brother Sohan's (Dilip joshi) wife was bengali and younger brother Rohan's wife was Gujrati. Rohan's father in law(Dinyar Contractor) was very rich and always repeated the same line " Mere pass bahot Paisa hai". He was friend of Rohan's father Brigadier Khachru (Jatin Kanakia) and they both did not like each other very much. Jatin Kanakia's career was cut short in 1999 when he died from pancreatic cancer, after a brief period of hospitalization. After that, Sudhir Pandey(Golcha of YSNHS) was roped into serial as  Brigadier Khachru.

Sannata was a horror serial of sony. The best part of the serial was that the story is complated in single episode. I remembered 2-3 episodes of the serial.
Murthy- A girl found a small sculpture on the beach when she was jogging. She brought it at her home but the problem started since. Whatever is done with sculpture, same thing is happened with girl. Once her maid leaves the statue in wash basin and water covers the statue, same time the girl is almost drowned in her swimming pool. At last the statue is broken but it is not revealed what happened with the girl.
In another episode, a christian man invents a drug that if he takes it, he is  physically died but after sometimes he can wake up again. His heartbeat and pulse is stopped & No doctor can prove that he is alive so he takes a big insurance policy and uses the drug. The plan was that when his wife will get the money, she will dig his grave and they will leave the city but at last when she goes to dig his grave, she found some people stole his body and sold it to hospital. The autopsy has been done and he died really.

Surf Wheel of Fortune
It was a game show hosted by Mohan Kapoor ( The Saanp-Seedi fame). There is a hidden song name, movie name, serial name or a phrase on the board. Contestant has to turn the wheel and when wheel stops on a number, contestant guesses a hindi letter. All letters are shown which is appeared in that riddle and the wheel's number is multiplied by the number of appeared letters and contestant  gets that much money. If contestant guesses the riddle early, he gets bonus rupees.

Jaane Kahan mera Jigar Gaya jee
'Jaane Kahan mera Jigar Gaya jee' is one of the oldest serial of sony. I am not able to remember the story but I remember some scenes of the serial. There was a sad girl Taruna in the serial who keeps crying always. I think her mother Anadita was a bollywood actress or something. Anadita had a affair with her co star and taruna did not like this. Taruna finds another friend Sheena. Anadita fires their caretaker then sheena keeps her. The whole story arounds the bollywood parties and the girl's feelings.Prashant Narayan ( Murder-2 Villain), Shveta Salve, Bhavna Balsavar ( Shekhar suman's wife in Dekh bhai dekh) & rituraj was in this serial.

Thoda hai Thode Ki zaroorat hai
It was a famous drama on sony. The cast was Sachin Khedekar, Alok nath, Prajakta Deshmukh & Rita Bhaduri. 'Thoda Hai Thode Ki Zaroorat Hai' is a sensitive story that talks about the people who survive the death of a loved one. Alok nath's young son sachin khedekar is died. Now what will happen with the family. who will earn? what happened with his wife? Should she remarry or find a job? It was one of the serious serial of Sony. The serial was stretched too long and at last Sachin Khedekar returns and they lived happily ever after.

Tujhpe Dil Qurbaan
The serial was based on Army life. The cast was Arun Gohil, Parmeet Sethi and Rohit Roy. It is the story of Mr. Vikram Ali, an intelligent officer on training. The story narrates about training in the army and life on the boundary.

Harmony was the musical show. A famous singer comes here and sings his/her songs in studio. The musical instruments are played by the serial team. I remember Kavita Krishnamurthy, Alka Yagnik, Kumar Sanu, Udit Narayan, Sonu Nigam, Poornima, Suresh Wadkar etc. Kumar Sanu always sings one song "Jab koi baat bigad jaaye" and Suresh Wadkar's favorite songs are "Tumse milke aisa laga" & "Ae zindagi gale laga le".

Archana Talkie
Archana talkie was Bollywood masala serial. Archana pooran singh was the host and she shares some gossips about bollywood parties just like we see on zoom nowadays. H's and L's was common word used by Archana in the serial. If any actress wears a fine dress in a party, she says very H's, if some actor wears black kurta on pink jeans or some uncommon she says very L's.

Thodi si bewafai
Thodi Si Bewafai is the story of a happily married couple: Neha and Kailash. Neha is accepted by Kailash’s parents and they all live together. All is well till comes a day when Kailash’s parents discover that the couple cannot have a child and there is never going to be a grandchild that the family legacy can be passed on to. This thing can break a happy family and it is not girl's fault so next story is like movie Chori-chori Chupke Chupke but it is opposite of CCCC. Here the girl can have a child if her husband will have to sacrifice.

Saaya is the story of a orthodox family. The cast was Achint Kaur, Harsh Chhaya, Mansi Joshi, R. Madhavan, Savita Prabhune & Rajendra Gupta. Jagat Narayan(Rajendra Gupta) is very orthodox man. Even he does not agree easily to send his daughter Sudha (Mansi Joshi) to college.Sudha is a quiet, fragile and an incredibly shy girl with simplicity and beauty.
                                                            Sudha's friend Kamiya on the other hand bursts with a vibrant zest for life. They are always there for each other and support each other through rough times. Sudha falls in love with his classmate(R. Madhvan) but she has not enough daring to tell this to her father. her father finds another boy for her who pretends to be gentleman infront of her father but in reality he was really cunning. Now kamya tries to help in her love life.

Zamana Badal gaya
Zamana badal gaya was a comedy serial which was started on DD-Metro first but I saw this first on Sony. The cast was Tiku Talsania, Aruna Irani, Urvashi Dholakia. The story was about parents Tiku Talsania & Aruna Irani, their three children and grand mother. I remember many episodes. In one episode Tiku's elder sister comes to see their family. She behaves like Tiku is still a child. Tiku doesn't like this and he talks very rudely. In the end, she leaves a Rakhi for him but Tiku is not able to tie alone. When he feels very bad and serial ends.
                                                                       In another episode Urvashi wants to participates in a beauty contest, she prepares very hard for it but same day her grandmother becomes ill and she admits her in hospital and leaves the contest.
In another episode Urvashi's elder brother wants a new pair of branded shoes but when he gets, he does not wear them because they will be dirty. He takes too much care of them. His Grand mother wears shoes without telling him and makes them dirty. Now at last, finally he wears shoes for a family photograph.

Movers & Shakers
Movers and shakers is hosted by Shekhar Suman. I saw 'Surinder - the tabla player' here first. In first 15 minutes Shekhar shares some jokes with us. They were based on current affairs. In last 15 minutes, a guest is invited and Shekhar takes his/her interview. He asks some awkward and controversial questions too. I remember whoever comes in the episode, Shekhar talks too much and dominates his guest completely but when Javed Jaffery came, Shekhar was totally quiet and Javed was talking too much. He was hitting six on every ball of Shekhar.

When CID was started, It was really good serial. They had some really good crime cases but now days everyone laughs on it. Every one shares jokes on Daya & ACP.

Baat Ek Raaz Ki
It was really good suspense thriller serial but it had few episodes only. I am not able to remember the story but there was a murder in the serial and I remember only two characters of the serial. One who is kidnapped in first scene of Munna Bhai MBBS (The bald actor) and second who played Ramesh Mahadevan in serial Shanti.

Kanyadaan is a sensitive Family drama. The story was about a woman (Kirron Kher) who is married. She has three children, two daughters and one son Dhruv (TV actor Hussain). The mother is leading a happy comfortable life with elder daughter Kavita who is of marriageable age. The daughter’s first relationship is unsuccessful and she finally finds a man (Sudhanshu pandey) she wants to spend her life with and is about to get engaged.
                                       Then their life is changed when Kirron Kher's illegitimate daughter Sakshi walks into their lives. Kirron Kher tells her family that she is a relative but tells the truth to her husband. Her husband stops talking to her since then. Kirron loves her daughter so much because her childhood was without her mom. Her elder daughter Kavita and son Dhruva were so good with Sakshi but younger daugher does not like her. She thinks why mom loves her so much?

Choodiyan is a story about Rushali, a twenty three year old girl (Shraddha Nigam) who was very young when her mother passed away. Due to the trauma, Rushali’s brain stopped growing with age and she still has the mental age of a eight year old. On the fateful day of the accident, Rushali hid her mother’s bangles and she still believes that if she collects enough bangles, her mother will come back to her.
       Her sister was Meghna (Juhi Parmar) who takes care of Rushali. Rushali is everything for Meghna and she can not see a single tear in Rushali's eyes. Then a man (Akshay Anand) comes in their life. He falls in love with Meghna but Meghna can not merry him because of Rushali.

Shaheen is a story of a young Muslim woman Shaheen (Juhi Parmar) who lives in an orthodox Muslim family. Though she is keen on studying further, as per her father’s wishes, Shaheen is married off to a Lucknow Nawab Junaid who is much older than she is.The age difference does not bother Shaheen. But on reaching Lucknow she discovers that Junaid has a son from his deceased wife Nadira.She feels betrayed by her father who was aware about Junaid’s past and chose not to tell her. To make matters worse, Junaid is still in love with Nadira.
As Shaheen struggles to make her marriage work, she decides to pursue her studies. She starts attending college and falls in love with Rafe, a poet.
Shaheen now has to make the ultimate choice – the unenviable decision of choosing between Rafe, the man she loves and her husband who now has fallen in love with Shaheen.

Heena is a story about the trial and tribulations in the life of a woman Heena (Simon Singh). Heena is adored by her parents and is loved and respected by all. Except by the person she loves the most – her husband Sameer.  Her marriage is doomed from the wedding night itself when Sameer proclaims his undying love for another woman, Ruby. Their unhappy marriage ends in a divorce. Later Heena marries Sameer's friend Akram in search for happiness. But Ruby strikes again and enters Heena's life as Akram's second wife. Heena finally manages to be free of Akram and gathers courage to rebuild her life and establish her own identity.
                                              Heena looks forward to her new life as a mother and dreams of a beautiful healthy child. But Heena's trials are not yet over. Heena gives birth to two kids. However one baby gets kidnapped, Heena is in a critical state. In order to save her further trauma, her father tells her that one of her baby is dead. Heena accepts this as her fate and decides to live for the other baby. However she discovers that her first baby is alive. The hunt for the missing baby begins.

Challenge is a youth drama, a love story of young couple. Tarun (Nakul Vaid ) and Sonali (Smita bansal) loves each other but Sonali's family does not like Tarun. Her father selects a businessman's son (Rahul) for her. He likes Sonali but does not bear her relationship with Tarun. Tarun's father is a painter. He likes Sonali and wants that Tarun & Sonali should marry early but two middle aged persons enter in their lives. Actor Girija shankar likes Sonali and another middle aged woman starts loving Tarun. Now their relation becomes complicated and they start fighting on small talks.

Ek Mahal ho sapno ka
'Ek mahal ho sapno ka' was a daily soap that used to come on Monday to Friday in the afternoon and 08:30 am in the morning. The story revolves around the life of a business tycoon, Purshottam Nanavati, who leads his joint family of four married sons Sanat, Shekhar, Sameer & Abhay.

Boogie Woogie
Boogie-Woogie was a dance show. When it was started, the host was 'Naved Jaffery' and there were two judges 'Javed Jaffery' and 'Ravi Behal'. They had a unique style to say Boogie-Woogie. It had some really good dance episodes with some really cool dancers.  I remember a dance performed on the song "If it hadn't been for Cotton-Eye Joe". It had some cool moves. Other common songs were 'Backstreetboy's Every body', "What is love", "where do you go" and some jackson's dances like dangerous & smooth criminal. They had very long list of prizes for winner. There were lots of gift hampers from Jeans like Wrangler-the western origin, Lee, Newport, Killer, Denim, Ruf & Tuf etc

Kabhi yeh Kabhi woh
'Kabhi yeh Kabhi woh' was a comedy serial which was started on DD-Metro first but I saw this first on Sony.The plot of the serial was like 'Ye jo hai zindagi'. Unemployed Vasu (Dilip Joshi) lives with his sister (Smita Jaykar) and brother in law (Vivek Vaswani). Now Many humorous situations are created because of Vasu. The other star cast was Tiku Talsania, Anju Mahendru, Tinu Anand, Jatin kanakia and many more.

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  • The Three Stooges
  • Dennis The Menace
  • I Dream Of Jeannie
  • Silver Spoon
  • Who's The Boss
  • Different Strokes
  • Bewitched

Other Serials :

  • Kaash
  • Uncensored
  • Hospital

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